Google + Youtube

Google + Youtube


Ignore the hype! It’s NOT lonely at the top! In fact, if you are a business that is looking for an impactful way to capture and convert the attention of your ideal client or customers online to drive revenue, then the TOP is where you need to be!

Fishbowl Marketing has the tools in place to maximize your campaign and accelerate business growth – placing you at the forefront of your industry and adding unparalleled value to your customers. By serving up impactful content at optimal times in a buyer’s journey, brands can capitalize on this powerful marketing channel.

For some businesses, combining the power of Google and Youtube, can drastically increase your cross-platform visibility and target your audience wherever they’re browsing. In-depth data allows us to target your most valuable leads and accelerate them through the sales funnel, with relentless testing and enhancements along the way.

At Fishbowl Marketing, our plans are designed to get you instant results with our pay per click marketing programs on Google and YouTube with ad spends ranging from $0 – $20,000/month.