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Lola and The Boys | e-Commerce

Lola + The Boys needed to generate more sales and establish brand loyalty. The mom and daughter design team set out to stake their claim highly competitive kids clothing industry. We helped them establish their brand as a fashion-forward mother daughter duo that personally sourced and customized the trendiest, most kid-approved clothing line on the web.
We implemented a 360 degree marketing strategy. Research and scoping proved that Lola had a solid and engaged Instagram following. Facebook, however needed some help and their ranking on Google virtually obsolete. We began with some infrastructural website changes and on-site SEO and ultimately complete website rebrand which was absolutely integral to build this local brand into a national name. Our goal was simple. Establish a strong online presence using our 360 degree marketing strategy to build sustainable, organic, profitable online business.Fishbowl Marketing assisted with building the awareness of their brand all the while pushing attention toward their unique clothing and competitive pricing.

Within 3 months, Lola + The Boys experienced 120% increase in online sales. Our ongoing digital marketing campaigns took this business from $9K to over $20K per month in less than one year.

Nailthoughts | Entrepreneur, Influencer, Nail Artist

This nail artist and Instagram influencer has everything you look for in a client. Drive, creativity and the willingness to get down in the weeds to make her dreams come true. The only thing she was missing was a digital team that could strategize and build a multi-platform website that would bring more exposure and targeted digital presence. The challenge here was to build out the platform AND determine if we could convert the existing Insta following to customers with valuable, relevant digital products. Cue, Fishbowl Marketing dream team!
Results: We built a custom “blended site” using ShowIt, a dash of Shopify and a spoonful of WordPress. The three powerhouse platforms proved to be the perfect mix of showcasing digital products and infused with sales driving capabilities needed to create a beautiful, functional online home. We simultaneously worked one-on-one with our client to develop the entire digital product offering set for the launch of website.
From photoshoots, to script curation, collateral development and filming we enjoyed every moment of this incredible creative journey. This is an evolutionary campaign that we expect to see grow and expand and are excited to be a part of.

Dr. Susan Love Foundation for Breast Cancer Research | Nonprofit 501(c)3

As one of the most famous breast cancer surgeons in the world, Dr. Susan Love, the Chief Visionary Officer of the Foundation is one of the most sought after and knowledgeable individuals in the field. What makes them different? Simple, they aren’t trying to cure breast cancer, they want to end it. The Foundation focuses solely on breast cancer research that will identify the cause and prevent it from happening in the first place. The Foundation, which had never previously spent much time on building its online presence found itself in a tough would they be able to generate brand awareness in the cloud of pink we all know as “breast cancer”?

Cue, Fishbowl Marketing! We launched the initiative to establish an online presence utilizing the plethora of existing content available on their website. Turns out every page of the New York Times bestseller, “Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book” , AKA “the Bible of breast cancer” was a page on the existing website. This served as the perfect platform to drive more targeted traffic to the website and implement technology that would help us learn what content and information site visitors wanted to see. As with all of our clients, we executed a 360 degree campaign which integrated a more engaging Facebook page,a re-freshed Instagram strategy and feed and a laser-focused assessment and re-haul of their email marketing campaign.

The challenge was finding a balance between honoring the existing audience (women 50+ years old) and foster a relationship with a younger, more diverse demographic. Through a combination of storytelling, advocate and survivor stories and bringing more in-depth understanding of the Foundations dynamic and innovative research, we were able to move the Foundation from page 22 of Google’s search engine to page one in 45 days. All in all, the campaign resulted in a 43% lift in local brand recognition and over 50,000 total video views from their existing informational and promotional video series and on-site content. It is our absolute pleasure to be working with a ground-breaking breast cancer research organization and we look forward to continuing to increase their online visibility.


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